2nd Party Data For Publishers


Media companies and publishers are always looking for new ways to expand revenue opportunities. By offering additional value to advertisers, publishers can generate new revenue in the absence of readership growth.

Advertisers often make media buys from digital publishers in blocks of impressions. Some advertisers see scaling their impressions as a steep hill to climb but WOULD spend more if they knew their ads scaled considerably to this audience. Publishers, on the other hand, want to maximize premium inventory, so to offer more impressions at a reduced price the publisher will provide the advertiser less-than-premium inventory on the site, which has perceived less value to the advertiser. With that perceived reduced value the advertiser is reluctant to increase the media spend.

Enter a 2nd Party Data Partnership.

We provide the capability for publishers to provide advertisers with additional digital ad impressions to users after they have left the publisher’s website, including ad impressions using premium inventory on other publisher websites. This additional ad spend provides new revenue to the publisher while not giving up any inventory at all!

It works like this:

1 – An advertiser currently runs a digital ad buy with the publisher.

2 – The publisher offers the advertiser to extend the campaigns to users when they have left the publisher website at a reduced CPM compared to the inventory on the publisher website.

3 – Our platform manages the initiation of the campaign when the user leaves the publisher website.

4 – Our platform allocates revenue to the publisher as the ads are shown to their users on other websites. The platform also allocates revenue to the publishers showing the ads.

5 – The advertiser is able to enjoy a robust and engaging campaign with increased value through their relationship with the publisher.

If you are a publisher looking to generate new revenue with existing advertisers and existing readership, you should contact us today about using our platform for these partnerships.

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