A Full Guide To Video Marketing



There is a lot that goes into video marketing. As useful as video marketing is, it is beneficial to look into what exactly goes into the process. Learning the terms and the different types of video will help you in the journey to video marketing. In this article, we are going to go through all elements of video marketing.


What is Video Marketing?

The common definition of video marketing is the use of video to market or promote your brand. You can use video marketing no matter what type of business you run. There are a few different types of video that you can produce for marketing your brand. Video is already a versatile tool, but knowing how many types of video there are to choose from makes this marketing tool even better. Depending on the type of video that you choose to produce will determine what content is in your video.


Types of Video for Video Marketing

The following are different types of videos that you can produce and use for marketing.

The first type of video that you can produce is a live video. Live videos are common for people who are very active on social media. They allow you to connect with your audience in a more efficient way than through comments and direct message. In live video, you can actively answer questions that your audience may have.

Next, you can produce an event video. Event videos are common in the form of highlight reels. If your company or brand is having some sort of big event that you can film, you can use it to market your brand. When using an event video, you can show the happiness and comradery present within your company and with your employees. That is something that can assist in promoting and making a good name for your brand.

Videos can help you increase your credibility with your consumers. By creating and producing amazing video, and connecting with your audience, your consumers will trust you more. You will be made more professional in their eyes. Another way that you can increase your credibility is by producing testimonials. Asking your consumers to review your products or brand will give future consumers a great idea of how well your products or services are.

There are a few more examples of types of videos that could be created for your brand like basic brand or demo videos. Any of the above mentioned videos would be useful to market and promote your company.


Video Marketing Steps

Choosing the type of video you want to produce is something you should do before you begin the process of video marketing. The following steps are what you should follow next after you choose what type of video would be most beneficial to produce.


After you choose what type of video you are wanting to produce, you can start planning how to go about creating this video. Planning your video includes thinking about the point and purpose of your video. You should know what exactly you want to come of your video. It is also important to know and understand who your target audience is. This will help you define your goals and what you want the video to do for your brand. Other things that you must plan before creating the video is what the budget of video creation is, where your video is going to be posted and promoted, and when you want to produce it by. All of these points go into perfectly planning out your video and the promotion of your video.

The final step to planning your video is writing the script. Know what is going to be said in the video and where each scene is going to be filmed. This can be done through just a script or through a storyboard. Understand the cameras that you are going to use as well as the people that are going to star in your video. After all of these planning and preparation steps, you can begin to film your video.


Take your time filming your video. Be sure to get enough footage, and remember that you can simply cut out whatever you don’t want to use. It is better to have too much film rather than not having enough. After shooting your video, you can start editing your footage. This is something that you have a lot of creative control with. Adding music or recording a voice-over is an important step to keep in mind.

Post and Promote

Finally, it is time to start posting and promoting your video. There are so many different platforms you can post your video on. Be sure to add a good thumbnail as well as an interesting caption. These are the first two things that your viewer will see, so make them captivating. After posting your video, you can start to promote it on all different forms of social media. This will help your audience see it and share it with their friends. Focus on the social media platforms that the majority of your audience is on. This comes from a planning step, knowing your audience and understanding a lot about them.


Analyzing Results

Analyzing your results can only be done if you had set goals prior to creating and producing your video. For example, if the goal of your video was to increase engagement from your followers, the way to analyze your results would be to look at the click rate and views. If the number of clicks on your website or social media accounts has increased, your video was successful. Remember the goals that you had when planning and producing your video, and use those goals to analyze your results.



There is more depth to each section of this article, but this is a vague description of everything that goes into video marketing. If you are looking to create a video to promote your business, remember to keep the above information in mind.


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