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Amazon is a popular website, and one of the more powerful marketing channels for Amazon sellers is pay per click advertising. PPC advertising gives sellers an opportunity to buy visibility. Having visibility for products gives sellers a better chance at more views and engagements. There are so many advertisers who are looking to use PPC advertising to boost sales. There are also so many strategies to help  optimize your pay per click. To ensure your product stands out without paying too much, you must have an Amazon pay per click strategy.

Amazon Pay Per Click

Amazon PPC is a mode of advertising where sellers pay a fee when customers click on their ad. As the name suggests, with pay per click ads, you are only charged when your advertisement is clicked on. There are three types of Amazon PPC advertisements.

First, we have Sponsored Products, which are keyword based search terms that enable you to promote a specific product on Amazon. These are the most popular PPC ads.

Next, there are Sponsored Display Ads, which send shoppers to Amazon product detail pages. They also deliver relevant advertisements on Amazon.

Finally, there are Sponsored Brands. Sponsored brands are used for brand building, and they allow brands to promote a custom headline, brand logo, and up to three products in their ads in the top spot above Amazon search results.

All three types of Amazon PPC ads are purchased on a cost per click basis. Your advertisements are displayed at no charge. Views and impressions are free, and you only pay for your advertisements when a potential customer clicks on the ad. You are in control of the amount of money that you spend per click. You are also in charge of the amount you spend on your advertisements.

Key Factors of Amazon Pay Per Click

There are a couple of key factors of an Amazon PPC campaign. It is very easy to incur a loss on your product if you are not tracking the performance of your campaigns against your pay per click costs. It is also important to be clear about your goals for running Amazon advertisements. If you are knowledgeable and smart about your goals, you will know the best way to succeed in your Amazon PPC advertisements.

There are two typical moves for advertisers. The first one is maximizing sales and impressions. The second move is generating incremental sales while achieving a certain profit margin.


If you go browse on Amazon’s website, it is safe to say that you will probably see at least one of the three types of Amazon pay per click advertisements. There are sponsored products and sponsored brands all over Amazon’s website. They are usually right at the top of the list of products that come up after a search. Though, sometimes they are not. It is easy to spot sponsored advertisements on Amazon.

It could be important to know about Amazon pay per click if you are an Amazon seller or an advertiser looking into PPC. There will be more blog posts and articles written about pay per click advertising. Stay tuned with our blog posts to learn more.

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