Marketing Automation is a way to deliver personalized content to a lead based on their relationship to your brand in that moment. It allows for the relationship to adapt over time, so your lead will always receive content based on how far along your sales funnel they are, no matter when they enter it.

Just as you wouldn’t ask someone you just met to watch your home while you’re away on vacation, you don’t want to make an offer to a cold lead who doesn’t know anything about your brand. You need to first warm up the lead, build trust, and establish a relationship before asking for a commitment.

Automation accounts for every stage of the customer journey, and runs autonomously, without you having to do the nurturing or content creation in real time. It continually works on your behalf qualifying and warming up prospects until they’re ready to speak to a sales team member, or accept your offer.

Your campaign continues to work and generate leads long after content has been created.


We create unique and on-brand content that will be automatically sent out to your leads based on actions they’ve taken. They will continue to recieve content according to a schedule we’ve established, so your brand stays at top of mind.

This could come in the form of a discount coupon showing up in an email inbox for that customer with an item in their digital shopping cart. Or a series of case studies to serve as a nurturing reminder of how your business can work for them, scheduled to their inbox every few days.


Our content team has experience with a variety of automation tools, and have worked to set up campaigns from fun consumer product newsletters to medical device email nurturing. We consider the customer journey from all stages, and create unique content that meets your customer where they are, and is prepared to continue to meet them later down the funnel.

When someone enters your funnel by clicking an ad, signing up for an email, landing on a certain page, watching a video, or any number of other actions, a series of rules is set in place to send out content specific to their action or the information they want.

From evergreen workflows, to monthly newsletter updates, we know how to maintain digital relationships that keep your business in the mind of your lead.