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Analytics refers to the systematic analysis of data or statistics. Measuring the analytics of your marketing strategies is important to your progress. This is true for content marketing. The best way to measure the effectiveness and progress of your content marketing is through content analytics. In this blog post, we will be talking about Analytics tools that can help you measure your content marketing progress.

Content Marketing- Analytics Tools

There are many analytics tools that could help measure the effectiveness of your content marketing. The following are 5 of the best and most useful analytics tools.

1. HubSpot Marketing Analytics and Dashboard Software

HubSpot‘s software makes it easy to access data and insights. This software offers organized data in one location, so it is a very easy tool to use. There is no code needed to pull insights, and it offers attribution reporting. This means that you can connect your customer interactions to the associated record, and pinpoint the channels that are reaching your goals, and which ones must be revisited.

This software also uses account based marketing to bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Finally, the price of this HubSpot software depends on which marketing Hub plan you choose. Each one offers different analytics features. They range from being no cost, to over $3,000 a month.

2. Buffer

Buffer‘s analytics offers the option to build goal reports, add or remove performance metrics, and share them easily. These reports are updated everyday, so you are receiving timely data. The analytics that this software offers will help you see channel performance together all on one dashboard. It offers engagement metrics for each account as an individual, helping you understand customer’s interactions. Finally, the price of Buffer comes with two options, one being $35 a month, and the other being $50 a month.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very well-known software for content analytics. We have written about this software in the past, and even compared it to another analytics tool. So, we know that it is very easy to use. It will help you understand how your content is performing, and offers an array of features to help you measure your audience and other important aspects of your webpage.

The price of Google Analytics depends on what you are looking for. There is a free version of this software that is more meant for short term endeavors. This version does not offer as much data storage, and if you are looking to use it for long-term, it may not be the best option. Though, the paid plan, Google Analytics 360, does offer a larger data storage and more features that will help you in the long run. This version of the software requires you to speak with a sales representative.

4. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb gives input on where your website stands among the rest. It provides traffic and engagement industry standards. With this software, you will discover more information about your audience. You will learn about your user’s behaviors in order to improve your strategies. SimilarWeb offers two different plans, one being free. The second plan is meant for enterprise businesses, so it requires you to contact a business representative for a consultation.

5. Moz

The fifth and final analytics software is Moz, a great software that measures the impact of your search-engine-optimized content. It allows you to see how your work is ranking among others in your industry. It also tracks your site’s keyword rank. The price of Moz software depends on the solution that you choose, either local or pro. The local Moz solution ranges from $129-299 per month, and the pro solution ranges from $99-599 a month.


The top five content analytics software programs are all very different. Although, they are all very useful and worth learning about. No matter what content you are creating, one of these software applications is for you. We hope to have helped you find the right software for you and your business.

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