Content Marketing: Back to the Basics


In this blog post, we are going to go over all of the basic fundamentals of Content Marketing. At the most basic level, content marketing means marketing your business with content. That content could be blog posts, articles, podcasts, and videos, any information in written, audible, or visual form. For the marketing aspect of this term, it is the same as any other product or service that you are advertising. It is all about telling your target market why they would want to become a customer of yours. 

Content marketing is a strategy that does really work. Creating content that will educate and interest buyers about the subject around your business will attract customers to you. Simply put, rather than reaching out to individuals, content creation will have them reaching out to you. 

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

When creating a content marketing strategy, you must have a plan. Planning out the moves that you are going to make is the best way to ensure success. If you take any wrong turns, you are going to end up at the wrong destination. 

So, the first appropriate step is to identify your target audience. It is essential to know who you are focusing on promoting your content to. This marketing strategy works best when your content is relevant, and that means that you need to serve it to the correct audience. 

Once you have your audience identified, you can begin to thoroughly plan out your process. You need to know what kind of content you are looking to create. Are you going to create it yourself or are you going to hire someone to do it? Create a publishing schedule that you can stick to, and figure out what social platforms you want to use to promote your content. All of these things are important to the success of your marketing strategy. 

Once you figure out all of these important points, you can begin your content marketing process. Another important step that you don’t want to forget about is the search engine optimization step, but we are not going to go into that in this blog post. 

Content Marketing Examples

Next, we are going to go through some great examples of content marketing that you can use to help you get started. 

For our first example, imagine you run a company that sells chew toys for dogs. You could start a blog for your company where you write about the great effect that chew toys have on the dental health of your dog. Next, you would want to find a social media platform that contains a large majority of your audience. Think about where you are most likely to find members of your audience. Would it be Facebook, where you can find or create a page for dog lovers and owners who may be interested in your product? Is it Instagram, where you can find dog owners posting their furry friends on their feed? Do you want to go more towards the video creation route and use YouTube to find and connect with your audience?

These are all important questions that you need to have the answers to in order to succeed in content marketing. 

For our next example let’s say that you own a clothing company that is aimed at women between the ages of 18-25. You know that you can find a large number of your audience on Instagram and Tiktok. You decide that you want to create videos for your content, and in these videos, you are going to use social media influencers that fit your target demographic. 

What Are Some Common Content Marketing Mistakes 

Most of the common mistakes have to do with not starting early enough. If you want to create a blog, email list, Youtube channel, whatever it may be to promote your content, you need to start earlier. If you talk to content marketers about what they wish they would have done, most of them will say that they wish they had started earlier. 

You also may hear that they wish they would have planned more. Maybe they wish they would have planned out possible mistakes or bumps in the road. They should have planned a content schedule better. Whatever it may be, planning is one thing that you need to focus on. 

Once you do start creating and posting your content, you need to make sure that you are posting it according to your schedule. You don’t want to post too much too quickly, or you will look ‘spammy’. When your audience sees your content, you don’t want them to think you are a spam website. Stick to a neat, spread out schedule, but make sure you are still posting and interacting everyday.


Content marketing is a great strategy. There are so many other parts of it that are important as well. In this Back to the Basics post, we wanted to go over just that, the basics. These are the fundamental points that you must know.

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