Content Marketing

When marketing to specialized audiences it can be necessary to engage them in a non-sales format or environment. Generally, we do this with a content marketing strategy fueled by Sponsored Content campaigns targeted to your audience.

Sponsored Content allows you to engage your targeted users with an informative or educational piece that can be a vehicle to introduce your product or service. This type of campaign adds prospects to your sales funnel, which can direct them into various Marketing Automation sequences and Retargeting campaigns, eventually driving them to your CRM or sales team or an online conversion.

This type of campaign can be managed in special ad networks that deliver this content or through Social Ad programs such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. The prospects from these campaigns should be handled differently as part of the sales process, so an intelligent strategy needs to be developed before running these campaigns.

If your business offers a product or service that needs a warm introduction and requires a longer sales cycle, then contact our team about a Sponsored Content strategy.