Creating Newsworthy Content

newsworthy-contentContent marketing relies solely on the content you create and how you are presenting it to your audience. Putting out Newsworthy content is the best way to reach your audience.

There are a few points to touch upon when talking about the creation of newsworthy content. The first important factor to this is Data.


Creating newsworthy content can be difficult for many companies. When you hear the word newsworthy, you often think of investigative reporting from news channels. Companies don’t necessarily have extremely interesting topics to report, so it is important to research within your company.

The most obvious thing to begin with is your company data. This could be anything from sales to income, to taking polls from your audience. A good place to begin is with your company’s internal data.

This could be complicated because you may need permission to access internal data, if your company has it. If this is something you are not able to do, the next best place to go is public data. Public data is much easier to access, and it offers some very interesting things. Use this public data to find an interesting topic, and from there, you can create a poll or survey for your audience to complete. This will give you some great newsworthy content to post on your social accounts or your company website.

All of the above ideas are appealing to your audience. Finding an important and interesting topic may seem difficult, but once you find multiple data sources, just look for a topic. This topic should appeal to your audience. Therefore, you need to look for a topic that would interest whatever your specific audience is. If your company is aimed to attract women under the age of 35, find a topic that would appeal to that demographic.

Other Important Aspects

The next couple aspects of creating newsworthy data go hand-in-hand with each other. First, you must think of the emotion that you are giving in your content. If you care about what you are putting out, so will your audience. What you are putting out should aim to make your audience feel something. If you don’t feel anything when working on it, it is safe to say the reader won’t either.

When talking about emotion, you may not think of a company blog post immediately. It may be on the difficult side to incorporate emotion in this context. If you have trouble with this, focus on a simple emotion first and stick with it. Your content is supposed to be engaging, so focus on surprise or excitement first. This is depending on the data that you are using to write about, but in most cases, surprise or excitement will work best.

The final aspect to focus on when creating newsworthy content is the affect or impact you have on your reader. This is something that you can focus on after posting the content. For example, post your first article. Keep up with the amount of clicks or views it has. Allow your audience to like and comment as well. This will help you focus on the effect your article had on your audience. Continue posting content and keeping up with the views and comments they have. If these increase or improve, you know that you are posting engaging and impactful content.

If your views and comments are decreasing, or becoming worse, you can go back to the data you are investigating, and try to find something more impactful or interesting.


Creating news worthy content is important to increasing your views and gaining more attention from your audience.

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