Data Management Platform

The holy grail of marketing is the metrics and data that help you fine-tune and optimize your results. While we know that web analytics can give us a great look into what is happening with our campaigns, many businesses need separate tools to get a better view of their audience and plan ways to interact.

The primary tool for helping businesses identify and maintain their audience is a Data Management Platform (DMP). This tool harvests customer and audience data from your current customer lists such as email lists, your CRM tools, the campaigns currently running and the digital assets being maintained. This data is used to hone in on the subsets of your prospects that are most likely to buy, and integrate that targeting into your Programmatic Media campaigns or Marketing Automation, or both.

The ability to granularly isolate buyer audiences means you will spend your marketing dollars more efficiently, and see your results soar. Additionally, you can expand these audiences by creating detailed customer profile types and scaling “look-alike” audiences using third-party data from a wide range of digital data services.

All of this means that your marketing becomes extremely intelligent. Which makes you look really smart.

So if you would like to consult with our team on the best DMP options for your business, contact us today.