Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing communication on the web today, and it is still very effective with a targeted audience. Email works very well to stimulate an audience that is familiar with you to take some action. This form of marketing can be a reliable source of revenue from repeat buyers or prospects who frequently need to obtain services or stay informed of your offerings.

Most clients don’t realize how much more sophisticated email marketing has become, including the ability to segment an existing list and dynamically change email content in a single campaign for each segment. For example, you can send different offers to different segments based on geography, or send product offerings based on prior purchases. Additionally, you can serve a dynamic content email based on the device used to open the email. Or you can update an email you’ve already sent out based on when it’s opened.

In addition to these new options, you can let your email marketing system send prospects through your sales funnel using autoresponder actions, which use a series of rules to deliver additional content to your prospects. Autoresponders work similarly to Marketing Automation, but with simpler rule sets. It is powerful in the right strategy.

If your current email marketing program does not meet your needs or needs a better strategy in place, contact us to see what we can have email do for you.