Email Subject Line Best Practices – 5 Tips to Boost Your Open Rate

You’ve been there – you write the perfect email, set it up in your email system so beautifully, hit send, and… the open rate makes it feel like a big waste of time.

What happened?

Your audience is being bombarded with messages from every-which-way and it’s likely that last email just didn’t have a compelling enough subject line. So, before you spend time drafting that next perfect email offer to send to your list, here are a few things to consider that can enhance your open rate.

Be Concise
Feel like you’re always on the go? So does your audience, and they’re checking their email on their mobile devices constantly. Couple that with the nature of attention spans, and you have to be short and sweet to get the click. Mailchimp recommends using 50 or fewer characters to grab attention.

Say What’s Inside
Give your audience some incentive to open up and see what’s inside – let them know what you’re offering to get that click! Think of this as either a mini call-to-action or an announcement – Dine With Us for Half Off! -or- Your Ebook is Here!

Grab their attention! Use merge tags to get their names in their subject line, and if you have the ability, add in their location. Do one better – send at the right times with the right subject to really pack a punch.

Freshen Up
While your newsletter had a high open rate at the beginning, things slow down as people get familiar. Don’t be afraid to change up the name of your newsletter, or maybe you don’t even want to name it at all! Variations lead to curiosity!

Test it Out!
Think of this as a double-tip – first, you’ll want to test the email and any merge tags you’ve implemented in the subject and the body – No one wants to open an email addressed to *|FNAME|*. Second, run some split testing on your subject lines. If you’re unsure of your audience and how they’ll respond, mix it up. Just make sure you go back and review the results to enhance future communications.

When all else fails, ask your audience what they want. A well-thought, short survey to your most loyal customers could help give you insight into your audience’s expectations. Once you determine what they are looking for from your business, you can work up appropriate offers and use the tips above to get the open.

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