Exit Planning – Digital Strategies

Most business owners fail to realize how much their digital presence drives their company’s valuation. How strong do you occupy your vertical in the search, social, and video worlds? How do you compare to your competition in presence? Business buyers want to see it and evaluate its strength.

You may have a website, but does it convert well, is it slow, does it show well across device platforms? Does it use proprietary software? Does your staff know how to update and control its functionality? Do you have, and execute, a content plan?

Your digital footprint isn’t just your website. Social Media plays a huge role. Is your Social Fortress built and maintained? Have you maximized your syndication capabilities? Do you have the right assets to make your social properties work for you?

And finally, how do you measure up in Google and Bing? If you are not on page 1, then you are invisible.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions then talk to us, as independent experts in Digital Marketing.

We understand the needs of business owners who want to sell, and we have a toolbox of skills that are needed to make a company highly visible and highly desirable in their space.

We are experienced with positioning companies to be acquired.

Our goal is to make certain that whenever someone searches for your product or service they find you. Our strategies?

  • Re-positioning & Branding Statements
  • Content Distribution (PR, Social, Video, Content Marketing)
  • Website SEO to “own” your space online

In one such example we partnered with an agency to drive heightened awareness in their client’s vertical with these strategies. After months of implementation, when they attended a trade show a buyer came to their table, and from there initiated acquisition. Their comment? “Wow, you guys are everywhere in this space.”

If you’re a business owner who is thinking about selling, you need a plan to enhance and grow your digital assets so that your business valuation is greatly enhanced.

If you’re a business broker, business intermediary or exit planner, you can partner with us to help your clients sell more quickly and more profitably.

Ask about a web presence assessment before you buy or sell. We look forward to working with you!

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