Google Analytics Metrics- Explained



Google Analytics is a service that provides basic data tools for SEO. It is an app that is used to track website performance. There are hundreds of metrics available in Google Analytics. Those metrics are important to understand in order to know which will help you reach your website goals. That may sound intimidating, but we can help explain the application before you try it out yourself! In this blog post, we are going to go over the most common metrics from this application.

Metrics That Marketers Should Use From Google Analytics

When using the Google Analytics application, the following are some of the most useful metrics to pay attention to. There are four categories found on the application; Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions. For this blog post, we are going to focus on the first one, which is Audience. The metrics under Audience are the most common and easy to understand.


The metric category of audience shows you who your audience is, such as demographic and location.

Number of Users and Sessions

The first metric under audience is number of users and sessions. This metric will first show you the number of individuals visiting your website for the first time. So, if the metric shows 10 users, that only refers to 10 different users who have never been to the site before. If a user visits your site more than once, those visits will fall under the sessions category.

For example, you have 10 users, but 30 sessions. You could assume then that each user visited your site three times. This metric is used to give you a vague idea of how popular your site is, and how high your return rate is.

Session Duration

This metric is important alongside the previous mentioned. The duration of each session depends on clicks each user takes on your webpage. If your site is not interactive with links, this metric may not be reliable for you. For example, if a user spends 20 minutes on your site, but does not click any links, that time will not be accurately counted. So, if your website is link heavy, this metric may be extremely useful for you.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate metric is important to mention following session duration. Bounce rate refers to viewers who enter your site and leave without going past the landing page. If you have a high bounce rate, it is important to make your landing page more inviting.

Pages Per Session

Pages per session will show you the average number of pages your users visit during a session. This number is an average, so you can not know what visitor saw which pages. Though, you can use this number to improve your site if it is low.

Returning Visitors

Finally, the last metric under audience refers to the ratio of visitors that return to your page. This is an important metric to show how effective your site is to creating loyal and long lasting customers.


We hope to have defined these metrics well for you, in order to better understand Google Analytics. Once you learn and have further knowledge regarding what this application offers, it will become extremely useful in analyzing your website metrics.

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