How To Create A Marketing Automation Strategy



Marketing Automation refers to any software used to automate marketing actions. It is software that is designed to help you in running a few different marketing tasks at one time. Companies use marketing automation to improve their everyday processes. Basically, a company will automate repetitive and simple tasks in order to create more time for them to focus on more important tasks. This digital marketing strategy will simply make a marketers life much easier. In this blog post, we will be explaining how you can create a marketing automation strategy.

Common Automation Strategies

If you are not looking to implement your own automation strategy, there are a few common ones that are used often in the marketing world. These strategies will help you increase your conversion rates. They will also assist you in getting through many tasks smoothly at one time. These strategies are proven to be helpful, and are some of the best strategies out there.

Using Email Sequence

The first well-kept strategy that many marketers may use is the email sequence. Email automation is the most common use of this digital marketing strategy. There are so many times when sending out to your email list is necessary. All of those emails could become repetitive, and although they are important messages, there are other important things that a marketer must do throughout the day. That is why it is so important to automate emails.

There are a few different types of emails that are important to any business. First, when a customer is new to the site or they just became a VIP, they will receive a welcome email. Next, after a customer makes a purchase, they will receive a follow up email. Finally, we have any deals or updates that consumers should be aware of. All of these emails have the ability to be a part of an email sequence.

This is one of the most common strategies to implement. Because emails are so commonly automated, many marketers already use the email sequence strategy. It will allow you to automate all emails in order to focus on other parts of the business.

Drip Campaign

A drip campaign takes advantage of your customer’s behavior. Using a drip campaign will allow your automated process to send information to consumers depending on their online behavior. For example, after receiving a follow-up email, your customer revisits your website to look for additional items. Your automated system can then take the opportunity to send more information to that customer. That alone could increase your sales.

Team Collaborations

Communication is one of the largest problems that comes up in an office. Whether it be across departments or just to different chain stores, communicating to other employees is one of the most difficult things to keep up with. But, with automated marketing, information regarding a customer is accessible among all different departments and other chain stores. This is something that helps with communication gaps in a marketing office.

How To Create a Marketing Automation Strategy

If you are looking to implement an automation strategy, it is important to start thinking about the kind of strategy you want to develop. A common and easy way to develop a marketing strategy is to break it up into 3 categories.

1. Getting the attention of potential customers or potential leads.
2. Captivating and Converting.
3. Adding value or encouraging repeat visits.

Creating these categories will help in creating a simple automation strategy. Although, it takes a lot more focus and planning than only these three categories. But if you simply begin with a goal, you will be off of the right foot to creating a great strategy.


An automation strategy is the only way that you will be able to reach success. Following the information mentioned above will assist you in creating a successful strategy.

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