How To Create An Email Marketing Campaign



Email marketing works well for all companies. But, sending your first email in a marketing campaign could be intimidating. In this article, we are going to go over specific steps that you can follow to make this process easier. Follow these points to ensure that your campaign is useful to your brand.

How To Create An Email Marketing Campaign


As for most marketing strategies, the first step is always to recognize your goals. Without knowing what you want the end result to be, you won’t be able to create a successful strategy. Acknowledging and understanding why you want to create an email marketing campaign is the main thing that will make your campaign successful. When outlining your goals, think of the acronym “SMART”. A smart goal is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

For example, say you want to increase your sales through an email marketing campaign. The specific goal would be the amount of increase you want to achieve. For this example, say you want to increase sales by 30%. This goal is measurable through tracking sales each month.

Next, ask yourself if your goal is attainable. Another way to think of this is just recognizing whether or not your goal is reasonable. You must remember to be honest with yourself. In this example, 30% may not be reasonable, so we would adjust the goal is 15%.

Next, is your goal relevant? If your company is largely sale based, then the goal is relevant. Finally, it is best if your goal is time-bound. What this means is you want to schedule how long your goal should take. So, for this specific example, we want to increase our sales by 15% in the next two months. Adding a time limit to your goal will help align your priorities and increase your chance of success.

If you have more than one goal in mind, go through the SMART goal process for each one. Take your time to think of each letter, and ensure that the goal you focus on most is specific, could be measured, etc.


After you set your SMART goal, and you have an idea of what you want to achieve, you can start planning your campaign. When planning any marketing campaign, it is best to take your time. Keep your goals in mind, and outline your plan multiple times until you have something that works for you.

Another important point to remember when it comes to planning is the ability to tweak your plan in the future. You want to ensure that your plan is flexible and subject to change. You will be consistently measuring the progress of your plan, and there is always a chance that something about your campaign must be changed in order to be more successful.

Begin Your Campaign

After you set your goals and you outline your campaign, you can send your first email! This step is intimidating and scary, but the only way you will be successful is if you carry our your marketing strategy. As we mentioned before, you can always change something in your plan if you ensure that your plan is flexible.

When you begin your email campaign, continue to measure your progress. Whatever your specific goal or goals were will determine what exactly you are measuring.


Email marketing is an amazing marketing strategy for big, booming companies, as well as small, private companies. No matter what you are selling, or who you are selling to, email campaigns could work great for you.

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