How To Make Money With Email Marketing



Email marketing has the highest conversion rates out of all marketing techniques. Email can be close to 40 times more effective at gaining new customers. As for monetizing your email list, those email transactions can be about three times more profitable than social media ad interactions. If you are looking to monetize your email list,  you could make a lot of money. Continue reading if you want to know how to make money with email marketing!

How To Make Money Through Email Marketing

What Are You Promoting?

If you don’t have a product or service to sell already, finding one is your first step. You can sell a product that is digital or physical. Though, no matter what the product is, it would be very difficult to make money without something to sell. For example, you could promote e-books, training guides, memberships, etc.

The item that you promote could be something that you are personally selling. But, you can also promote and sell other people’s products. This would make you an affiliate of someone else’s company or brand.

As an affiliate, you still make good money through commission. Commission is a percentage of sales that you receive as compensation. If you are looking to be an affiliate rather than sell your own product, there are many different affiliate programs that companies offer.

Before beginning an email campaign, it is important to know what product you want to promote. You must also know if you want to promote your own product or be an affiliate. Whichever you choose, you have an amazing opportunity to make money.

Premium Or Exclusive Products

Every company has exclusive products. Those products could be anything, but they are always priced higher. You can offer exclusive or premium products after a customer purchases a normal product or subscription. This process can be as simple as you want it to be.

For example, you are a personal trainer who is selling subscriptions month long workout routines. After a consumer purchases a subscription, you offer a two premium month-long food guides to choose from, one for muscle build and one for weight loss. These premium food guides are made to seem like an amazing deal to your consumer. The point is to upsell these subscriptions, which is a great marketing strategy.

Cross Selling

Another amazing strategy is cross-selling similar products. Cross-selling is a way that you can sell more products to your customers. Every purchase that your customer’s make will give you some insight into what your consumers like. You can then, use that information to entice your consumer’s into purchasing items that are similar to what they like.


Making money for email marketing is a simple process. If you are looking to market your products, or become an affiliate, email marketing is a great way to advertise.

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