Important Content Marketing Metrics



Content marketing is an amazing digital marketing strategy. Many content marketers create their own websites and blog pages in order to increase their business. With that comes all of the metrics and analytics that you must pay attention to. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the important content marketing metrics that will help you increase your engagement.

Important Content Marketing Metrics

The following are some of the most important content marketing metrics to pay attention to.


Social media platforms are great for spreading information about your company. You can use them to promote your content. It must be known that keeping track of your social platforms is an important job to focus on. Most social platforms give you information and data through their built-in analytics system. Other platforms require the use of third-party data and analytics tools. That being said, it is important to study social media shares. But it is also an extremely easy metric to study.

Post Engagement

By post engagement, we are referring to comments. It is a great idea to monitor your comments. Pay attention to what is being commented on your posts. Do the comments require a response? Are they spam comments that should be removed from your post? Keeping up with the comments will help you build brand authority as well, allowing you to interact with your viewers, helping them with any questions or problems they may have. Even if you are just commenting back to interact, it could be a great thing to increase the trust and love your viewers have for your brand.

Customer Retention

Customer retention refers to the activities and actions taken to reduce the number of customer defections. In simpler terms, actions taken to hopefully stop visitors from leaving your site without interacting with any links. It is always a goal to gain new visitors to your website. But, it is also important that you try developing a connection with your viewers.

We want to create lasting customers. You can also look back at content and learn what is getting viewers to revisit. Be sure to interact with your viewers on a regular basis. This, again, can increase your brand authority and your credibility.


Website traffic is important. But, it is vital to study the traffic and where it is coming from. Knowing the traffic source is something that can be helpful to gaining more or steady traffic . Your traffic source is where your visitors are finding information about your website. For example, you use Instagram to post about your website. That could be where all of your traffic is coming from. If you were to have a traffic source that just wasn’t doing great consistently, you can use that information to transform it in order for it to gain more traffic.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a term that refers to the percentage of users who visit your website and leave without viewing more than just one page. This is another important metric to analyze if you are a content marketer. If you have a high bounce rate, it could be helpful to change up your landing page to be more inviting to viewers.


Metrics and analytics can help you learn how to better your website and social media pages in order to increase engagement among other things. Paying attention to the important content marketing metrics and analytics listed above will help you improve your brand. But, try not to pay attention to all of these metrics at the same time. Instead, pick a couple that may be helpful to your goals, and focus on those.

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