Is My Content Engaging?



When creating content, it is important to focus on making it engaging. In this blog, we are going to talk about some things you can do to make your content engaging.


Be Consistent

Being consistent with your content is the first important step to ensure engagement. Consistency is important because it will build trust between you and your audience. Consistent posting will keep you at the top of your audience’s mind. They will want to keep up and hear from you on a regular schedule. Like waiting for a TV show to premiere once a week, your audience is tied to your content. They are waiting for your posts to premiere on the typical schedule.

Consistency not only builds trust, but it builds your credibility. Going back to the TV show example, think of your favorite show, and identify the schedule of new episodes that show follows. Thinking about your favorite show, has there ever been a time where the new episode didn’t come out when it was supposed to? Probably not. If so, was there any warning or announcement given to you by the show or TV channel prior to the day it was supposed to come out? Most likely, yes. If not, you could assume that specific TV show is no longer popular, because it lost all credibility.

Relating that example to your website, if you are supposed to upload a new post every Wednesday, you need to keep up with that. If there is a Wednesday where you can’t post, give your audience that information. It is best to give that information prior to the posting day. This will increase your credibility and it will allow your audience to trust you.


Connect With Your Audience

If you plan on aiming your content to everyone, you are truly aiming it to no one. Knowing and understanding your specific audience will help you tremendously. You want to be able to connect with the people that you are targeting. For example, you are creating content for Men’s Razors. The majority of your audience is going to be men over the age of 18. Narrowing your audience down to men in that age range will allow you to cater the information to that demographic, ensuring better results for you, and better convenience for your audience.

Next, after recognizing your audience, understand what you could do to best serve them. If you are content marketing for men’s razors, you won’t cater them by publishing content in a women’s fashion magazine. Be realistic and smart with your content marketing in order to connect with your audience.


Work On Your Skills

Depending on what form on content you are creating depends on what skills you must work on. Speaking on specifically written content, it is smart to brush up on your writing skills. Having great writing skills will help you engage your audience with your content.

The first thing to do to brush up on your writing skills is to do enough research on your topic. When writing about a new topic, the best thing to start with is research. You want to make sure that you fully understand your topic. Producing written content about a subject puts you in the teaching position and your audience in a learning position. You can’t effectively teach your audience if you don’t know what you are writing about.

Next, writing your content should be interesting enough to read. No one wants to sit in front of a screen and read a straight list of facts and statistics. Be sure to include your own voice in your writing. That will make your writing interesting and fun to read.

Finally, make sure to keep your writing simple. It is okay to use more in-depth adjectives and not always write very short and choppy sentences. But you should try to ensure that your audience will understand your work. No reader will google a term included in your work if they don’t understand what it means. It is typically too inconvenient. If you are planning on using a term in your work, define it immediately. Lastly, don’t make your subject too broad. Make your point simple and straight forward, and say what you need to say.


Create With The Right Mindset

Content marketing helps your business grow. When your business grows, you earn more money long-term. This should not be your mindset for creating content. If you create content with the final goal of more money on your mind, your content will not be good. The best mindset to have when creating content is that you want to make that content. Content marketing is a technique in which you produce content to inform and teach your audience, not to promote your brand directly. When creating content, keep the goal in mind. You want to educate.



Content marketing is extremely useful, and content creating can be a really fun process. Content is an essential tool to your content marketing strategy. It is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies to create valuable information to your audience. Keeping that in mind, creating content could be what drives your business to the top.

If you are thinking about starting a content marketing strategy and journey, start with defining your goal. You want to have a clear idea of where you want your content marketing to guide you. What is your goal for this journey? After you understand where you want to end up, you can create a list of the content you are thinking about producing. It is nearly impossible to come up with content ideas right off the top of your head. Creating a list of small ideas you may have can help you begin brainstorming. Finally, you want to create a calendar. Planning your content and the times that you are going to post will help you a lot in the long-term. Planning is something that will make content marketing easier and more successful of a process for you and your business.

Content marketing is an amazing tool to drive engagement for your company. Content can be fun and interesting to create, though you should always aim for it to be engaging and useful. Be sure to follow the tips listed above in order to create the best content possible!


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