Marketing Automation

Businesses face the need to have a system generating leads that is always working for them. That system needs to be able to run autonomously and also must continuously qualify and warm up prospects so they’re ready to speak to a sales team member. We call such a system Marketing Automation (MA).

MA systems work by our team building out sets of automation rules for the system to follow when a potential prospect interacts with some part of our marketing funnel. Whether they click an ad, receive an email, land on a certain page, watch a video, or any number of other actions, we can create a series of rules for the system to nurture that prospect down the sales funnel. We can build in the intelligence for the system to know when a lead is qualified and when it should be removed from the system BEFORE interaction with your sales team.

Our experienced team of MA specialists are experts at working with existing solutions such as Marketo, Hubspot, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Salesforce, and Zoho. We add an additional layer of expertise since we can build out audience data from the automation rules in these systems, and integrate programmatic media into the user path. With this methodology, we can run customized digital media and retargeting campaigns with granular accuracy to where the user is in the conversion path. You are no longer constrained by when and if a user opens an email in your sequence.

Every type of marketing we do can be integrated into a marketing automation program. Additionally, it can enhance the performance of “offline” or event programs your business runs, by creating a new entry point for those prospects, and working them into the right sales funnel.

These rules-based systems are critical to any company seeking to generate leads or create sales for high-ticket items. If your sales funnel is longer than a day or two then marketing automation should be integrated into your marketing strategy. If MA sounds like a wise solution for your business contact us today.