What Is This and How Does It Work?

Automate The Process Of Adding Your Buyers To Custom Audiences

Eventually you will want to grow your business outside of Amazon. Part of that process is moving your buyer data from ManageByStats to custom audiences in Facebook and Adroll, as well as other platforms. This enables you to retarget them in the future for various types of campaigns.

This process can be tedious to keep up with, since you have to export the lists, and then configure them to upload to each platform. You have do this on a regular basis to keep up.

The MBSX system is designed to automate that entire process. All you do is create your account and add your MBS API Key, then our system begins the export process. Once you connect your Facebook Ad account it will add them to a custom audience you define in the setup. Once you add an AdRoll account it will also onboard the audience to AdRoll.

We will continue to add more services (such as Google) in the future, giving you more options where you want to run future campaigns.


What does this cost?

All charter subscribers pay $19/mo for the lifetime of their account. Future subscribers will pay $39/mo as we add more services, so by locking in the $19 rate will save you a lot of money on this automation.

Why would I want to do this?

This will automate the entire process of retrieving and onboarding your buyers to these ad platforms. It saves you A LOT of time and money.

How long does “Onboarding” take?

When we upload the buyer data each platform has various periods of time it takes to match the buyers as users to their platform. We will send data every other day, but it can take 3 to 10 days before they are considered ready for campaigns.

Do I pay a fee for Adroll, Facebook, or Google to create these audiences?

No. Your accounts can be setup for free and you don’t spend money unless you choose to run campaigns.

Do all my buyers get added?

Each platform has various “Match Rates”. Match Rates are what percentage of the buyer data is matched to digital IDs of those buyers. Generally, Facebook will match about 70 – 80% while AdRoll will match less, around 60%. Google (coming soon) will match about the same as Facebook.

What do I do after the data is onboarded?

Once you are ready to start building your sales channels outside of Amazon you will already have the audiences ready for campaigns. Those campaigns are great for pushing content and building brand awareness, and eventually driving sales.

Do I have to run campaigns right away?

No. You can wait as long as you like before you run campaigns. However, setting up this automation well ahead of time means you will be ready with your entire audience once you decide to start.

$19 per month per seller account.