MemberworxX Data Revenue Program for Associations

Want a Simple Recurring Revenue Stream?

Monetize Your Audience

association data revenue matchAssociations can now easily add a new revenue stream by participating in our innovative Data Revenue program.

You probably have partners, vendors and sponsors who’d like to offer their products or services to your members. These are the companies who currently rent booths at your annual meeting or place ads in your print publications. Your audience is very valuable to them.

Why not give them another option – the ability to show display ads online to your members – if there’s a simple, secure, and unobtrusive way to do so?


Our programmatic display program is unlike any other you may have considered. Other programs expect your members to visit your website or click on an email link to trigger the display ads. The percentage of your members who do that is relatively small.

Ours does not. Ads are shown based on who they are – your members – not on what they do. So you can offer advertisers much greater reach.


We anonymize your member data into digital IDs so they are connected for programmatic display advertising on the web. (There’s no need to worry about security, privacy or spam; you never give up control of your member data or list and all personally identifiable information remains private.)

You earn revenue when advertisers choose to show their display ads to your members. There’s no need to change anything on your site or send emails to members.

association media display campaignsAdvertisers request media campaigns to your members. Their ads are shown on millions of websites that accept display advertising, and they are shown only to members of your association.

 We set it up and manage everything on your behalf– your staff doesn’t need to lift a finger. You collect a data fee on the targeting media they buy.

There’s absolutely no privacy risk to you or your members, as no personally identifiable information is shared.

Working with sponsors, vendors, or partners to digitally advertise through this program gives your association a fast, recurring boost in revenue – without requiring any allotment of time, resources, or personnel.

How to Get Started

Simply contact Diana Ratliff  using the form below and describe your association. Briefly explain the number of members you have and the advertising opportunities you have available now, if any. We’ll determine if the program is a good fit and get the ball rolling! We’ll also provide marketing collateral to help you explain this new service to prospective vendors.

Ask us how to use your data for non-dues revenue. We pay you monthly, and it doesn’t cost you a dime – so contact Diana today!