Metrics & Analytics

A very frustrating aspect for many businesses, when it comes to their marketing, is understanding what is happening during their campaigns. Knowing what users are coming to your offer and what they do on your website if they aren’t engaging is critical to knowing what to change to improve it.

If you’ve ever looked into your analytics dashboard and been confused you are not alone. Many clients engage us to review their analytics and determine what their metrics mean. This allows us to offer a strategy that will improve results.

For a business that doesn’t have an analytics process in place, or doesn’t have a baseline of metrics to start with, we can provide that series of solutions to give a detailed view of the activity within your digital assets.

  • We install and configure Google Analytics to offer specific insights and report automation, including Goal Monitoring, Event Tracking, and Revenue Metrics.
  • We set up third-party tracking for campaign analytics providing a three-point triangulation of the real data in your campaigns, eliminating false click-through readings generated by bots.
  • We integrate disparate campaigns across multiple platforms into a single view for easy consumption and decision-making.
  • We set up call-tracking to help understand website-generated call output and quality to improve lead performance of campaigns.
  • We build out Smart Lists via Google Analytics for use in Audience Display Campaigns.
  • We configure third-party audience data systems for clients running programmatic media campaigns.
  • We integrate metrics from Marketing Automation into reporting for greater visibility into lead performance at the sales level.

If you need better insights and reporting into your website or other digital programs, you need to talk to our team and see how we can give you 20/20 vision.