Order A PreRoll Video



1 – When do I pay?

After completion of your video we will send you an invoice via Paypal and then, once paid remove the watermark and provide a dropbox link to download it.

2 – Can I discuss the video with you before you begin work?

Yes, we will follow-up by email to make sure we understand your requirements.

3 – Can I use this for clients?


4 – Do I own the video?

Yes, however we can only grant a license for the stock footage used for this particular video and use case. If you need other requirements, please let us know.

5 – Do I get revisions?

Yes, two sets of revisions. Additional revisions would add additional cost.

6 – If I have specific visuals I want to use (logos, photos, videos, etc) how do I get them to you?

Add them to Dropbox or Google Drive and share the links with us in the form or by email.

7  – How do I start?

Use the form below.


Pre-Roll Video Order

  • Please be as detailed as possible so we can make sure audio and visuals best fit your idea.