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A pay per click consultant is an expert in PPC advertising. The main goal of this consultant is to plan online campaigns on paid networks like Google Ads. As a pay per click consultant, you want to provide value through a detailed understanding of paid media advertising. It is a challenging role. Though, a job like this does pay off well with great salaries and freelance work.

PPC Consultant Key Roles

A pay per click consultant has many key roles. The following are some of the important key roles that you will have to pay attention to as a PPC consultant.

1. Develop A Client’s Pay Per Click Strategy

As a consultant, you must take ownership of every client’s PPC strategy. There are a few different aspects of PPC strategies, like the type of campaigns you will run for clients and the types of ads you will publish. You will also focus of the platforms that you will use. Choosing a platform depends on which one with suit your client the best. Some of these platforms that you must choose from are:

  • Googles Ads
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Another extremely important aspect of any PPC strategy is keyword research. Keywords help determine a client’s overall PPC strategy. Another important part of strategic development is checking on your competitors. The idea behind that is to make the most of your client’s ad budget. Being well prepared with your strategy will ensure that you have a strong foundation for your campaign.

2. Create, Modify, and Optimize Campaigns

Once you have a finalized strategy, it is time to launch your campaigns. It is important to then monitor your campaigns as well. While monitoring, it may be necessary to optimize your campaign. This may include measuring the performance of campaigns, improving ad copy, updating and finding new keywords, etc.

Monitoring and measuring success is an ongoing process. You must be able to track progress on a daily basis. It is important to base your actions on the long-term goals of your PPC strategy.

3. Report On Campaign Performance

Your clients are going to expect regular insights into the work you’re doing. A customer is going to want to ensure that your services are working and you are valuable to them. Before getting too far with your services, you should agree on a reporting schedule with your client.

You must remember how important communication is between you and your client. Keep them updated on your progress and make sure your updates are thorough and easily-understandable for your client.

Becoming A PPC Consultant

There are a few different qualities and skills that you must have to become a successful PPC consultant. Creativity, organization, and knowledge on paid advertising are just a few of them. But, the basic things that you should start with are your PPC certifications.

To become certified, you can complete the various Google Ad Certifications. There is no need to complete all of them, but it is important to complete ones that are relevant to you or to your client. Depending on the courses you pass, your knowledge will improve. These courses are all free to take. When you pass, you will receive a certificate. Then, be sure to clearly state on your resume that you passed that course.

Next, it is important to improve your PPC skills, taking your knowledge to the next level. Again, you can do this through Google Ad Courses, though some of them may not be free to take. The more knowledge you have, the more qualified you are.

Finally, it is time to create a portfolio. It will show your experience and skills.


PPC consultants have an enjoyable career. It can be a challenging roll, but is backed with a strong salary. The best thing you can do to become a great and successful PPC consultant is to get started as soon as possible.

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