Pay Per Click

While SEO is a long-term game plan, Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) is designed to leverage search engines to get results more quickly. Search engine advertising tools provide visibility and targeting that you need to start driving results right away.

PPC provides a wealth of performance insight that can benefit all the other advertising you do, including SEO. Typical assumptions about “good” keywords can be tested in real time. Ad copy can be tested and improved using active prospects. Landing page messaging and conversion factors can be iteratively optimized to improve conversions. All of this data feeds every other aspect of marketing to improve every channel.

PPC can be a difficult platform for the “dabbler” to master. As a business, you should leverage the advanced expertise of a firm with thousands of hours of PPC experience, rather than spend internal resources to learn it. We use our breadth of experience across multiple verticals as well as our range of professional toolkits to manage PPC campaigns for clients of all sizes.

As important as all of this is, not doing PPC to data-mine the search engines for your best sales funnel structure is a waste of an opportunity. Whether you are doing PPC or not, you should contact us to learn how we can use PPC data to generate more leads and sales.