Programmatic Media 101



Programmatic media buying is the future of digital marketing. There can be a lot of confusion around this term, but we are here to further explain it. In this article, we will be going over every piece of programmatic media buying.

Programmatic media buying is ad buying, but done through technology. This process makes media buying much more efficient. This media buying process has evolved and will continue to grow.

Online Advertising

Programmatic media has made media buying more efficient. Before online advertising, an advertiser would have to contact a publisher to purchase ad inventory directly. This used to involve a lot of extra steps in between buying and selling the advertisements. Another part of this process that was difficult was the way to measure progress. Tracking results was a slow process. Data was scattered across multiple different individual sites. Programmatic media has made tracking progress much easier. Everything is in one spot and it is easy to find and measure.

Why Is It Important?

Programmatic media buying is so useful. There are a few different advantages that come with this process. First, it is cost-effective. Before this process, ad agencies had to take multiple steps to decide what publishers they should work with. When it comes to programmatic media, all publishers are in one spot. Advertisers don’t need to take as many steps to decide who to work with. Also, the data that comes from these purchases is all in one spot. This decreases the chance of fragmented data.

Everything being in one spot through technology allows for a faster and easier process. The lack of wasted time turns into a lack of wasted money. It is so simple to keep track of every publisher and purchase that you make through this technology.


One last advantage of programmatic media is the price that you pay. Some publishers have fixed prices for their advertisements. Other publishers sell advertisements that are sold through open-auction. This basically means that you can negotiate the price you are paying for advertisements to an extent. You bid for the advertisements that you want.

The price of the advertisements that you are buying depends on the publisher you are buying from. You will know if the advertisements are at a fixed price or not before you go to purchase.


There are many different things that advertisers like about programmatic media buying. It is important to know about this process as well. This is because programmatic media is going to continue to grow. As technology takes over, media buying will be solely online. If you don’t know enough about the process yet, it is important that you take the time to learn about it. It can be a confusing media buying process to learn, but it is extremely important.

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