Programmatic Media Companies


Programmatic media (ad buying) uses technology to make the media buying process easier and more efficient. The use of this technology allows you to buy ads online in real time. There are a lot of things that you need to know about programmatic media buying. Many advertisers are switching to digital media and it is quickly growing because of how efficient it is.

In this article, we are going to talk about the different platforms that you can use for programmatic media buying.

Top Programmatic Media Companies

All of the companies that we are going to talk about are private, USA based marketing companies.


The first company, based in USA, is GumGum. GumGum is a new type of advertising platform that reaches about 400 million users. This platform also has content published by almost 2,000 publishers. GumGum is a great advertising website that works with more than half of the top 100 advertising spenders in the US.


Choozle is an advertising website that is “made-easy”. It provides a programmatic platform that allows users to view and purchase images, videos, and written content. One of the awesome things about this advertising platform is that a percentage of the profit goes to Colorado nonprofits.


The next private advertising platform is called PebblePost. PebblePost was founded in 2014 based in NYC and San Francisco. This company has a patent pending digital-to-direct mail platform.

Some other great programmatic media companies to look into are OpenX, Sojern, TripleLift, Clinch, etc. All of these companies are private and USA based. Although we are not covering them fully in this article, they are amazing media buying companies to look into if you are looking to directly purchase digital advertisements.

What To Look For in Programmatic Media Companies

Finally, we are going to talk about what you should look for in a programmatic media platform. The first and most important thing to look for is that the company is trusted. You don’t want to browse for and buy digital advertisements from a website that is not trusted.

The next thing to pay attention to in programmatic media buying is the price of the advertisements you are browsing. Though, the prices on advertisements will either be fixed prices, or open for auction. It is important to be aware of which advertisements you can negotiate prices to, and which are fixed prices. You will find out when you purchase the advertisements, but it may be helpful to know the prices before you go to purchase them.

Finally, be sure of the publisher that you are buying from. When you are using a programmatic media buying platform, all publishers have different pages on that platform. Be sure you know what publishers page you are on. It may be good to know a little bit about the publisher that you are purchasing from.


Programmatic media buying can be a difficult process to understand. There are multiple types and components that come with it. So, if you want to become a programmatic media buyer, you must understand the process thoroughly.

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