Programmatic Media

If you are in charge of marketing for your company you have no doubt heard about Programmatic Media. It may sound complicated, but we are a leading agency in managing programmatic media buying for clients and agencies and it can revolutionize how you drive new sales.

Programmatic media buying is the process of using technology to carry out rules for buying individual ad placements around the web. These placements are managed through an auction system where dozens of exchanges bid on behalf of thousands of buyers for those placements. These auctions occur in milliseconds and when you win your ad is displayed.

The important part is the rules, and that is where we shine. With our audience insights we are able to structure campaigns around superior targeting for our media buys. By accumulating data about the users who do convert we can build out display campaigns using audience-based rules and more strategic bidding. Often times we can acquire clicks for less than 10% what Pay Per Click costs, with just as accurate targeting. Imagine what that does for ROI!

There are multiple ways we can programmatically buy media. Any of these can be used individually or in combination with each other:

  • User behaviors (things they have interacted with on the web)
  • User website visit history (websites they have visited previously)
  • User shopping history (stores where they have purchased, and in some cases WHAT they purchased)
  • User search history (search queries they have run in search engines recently)
  • User interests (the types of sites they like, brands they like)
  • User demographics (age, gender, language, nationality)

We manage our own trade desk and deal direct with the exchanges. We do everything from funnel design to creative to campaign build to conversion optimization and management. If your business hasn’t explored the power of programmatic display you should contact us today to discuss with our team.