Programmatic media is a way of putting ads in front of people through a rules-based system around their likes and dislikes, rather than just because they have visited a website. You may assume that someone who spent time on an expensive car website must make a lot of money, but it may just be a teenager daydreaming about a sports car.

With our data, we know exactly who’s seeing the ads. This strategy allows for a more accurate audience targeting and is a better use of your ad dollars.

Programmatic media takes the concept of banner ads and flips it.

With programmatic [media], ads are shown all around the web, across many websites. So the goal is not to hope someone will land on one specific page. We don’t need to drive them to the ad. Rather, the ad will follow them as they move around the internet.

Most agencies cannot do this. This is unique to SearchworxX.


Ad placements are managed through an auction system where dozens of exchanges bid for placements on behalf of thousands of buyers. These auctions occur in milliseconds, and when you win, your ad is displayed.

There are multiple ways we can programmatically buy media. Any of these can be used individually or in combination with each other. Some examples include web-based interactions, shopping history, website visits and personal demographics. (Note that while we know a lot about our audience, we don’t know who they are specifically, and personal privacy is never breached.)


SearchworxX really shines in this arena because of our superior, laser-focused targeting. Using our audience insights, we are able to structure campaigns on real metrics by accumulating data about the users with strategic bidding. Often times we can acquire clicks for less than 10% what Pay Per Click (PPC) costs, with just as accurate targeting.