One of the most cost-effective and amazingly successful marketing tactics available in the digital space today is Retargeting (aka Remarketing). Retargeting allows your business to continue to display messaging to prospects after they have left your website.

Much like email marketing, retargeting continues to put your offer in front of warm prospects who already know you and your brand. However, it improves on email marketing in that the “open” rate far exceeds that of email. Retargeted users will see your ads about 97% of the time, as compared to the average open rate of email at 13%.

We work with multiple layers of retargeting. Here are just a few:

  • Audience Retargeting – Based on who they are
  • Behavioral Retargeting – Based on what they’ve done
  • Page-Level Retargeting – Based on where they’ve been
  • Campaign Source Retargeting – Based on how they arrived
  • Segmented Retargeting – Based on who/what/where/how combined
  • Product Retargeting – Based on products they viewed

…………oh, and don’t forget Search Retargeting!

But simply showing the same ad to your audience over and over is not going to work either. Once again, testing your copy and creative with your targeted audience will help drive the key messaging that is converting your audience. Integrating retargeting into your Sales Funnel will facilitate a user’s progression through the sales cycle, move prospects from one funnel to another, or assist in removing non-ideal prospects from it. Quite simply, it’s the supercharger in your marketing engine.

Additionally, there are many ad networks and exchanges that offer retargeting, but which systems actually offer the programmatic rules you need to make it work for you? We work with all of them and we know what works best – and more specifically – for you.

We use some of the most advanced retargeting tactics in the industry to bring a new level of nurturing to prospects for your funnel. This expertise has been built in the foundry of experience with thousands of direct-marketing campaigns, where results and sales matter. To bring that experience to bear for your business contact us today.