Search Retargeting


This new type of retargeting might just blow you away.

One of the most valuable aspects of Pay Per Click campaigns run with search engines is that they capture prospects with strong intent. They are “in-market” and therefore ready to go into your sales funnel. The major drawback, of course, is ROI where CPC’s can easily get out of control unless your product or service price point is very high. For many advertisers, PPC is a tactic that yields limited value when costs are factored in.

One of the great things about retargeting is its dramatically lowered costs for each user that is engaged. Generally retargeting achieves higher CTRs than regular display ad campaigns, mostly due to the familiarity of the product or service that the prospect has. They’ve been to the advertiser’s website so they have developed a connection to the advertiser. Lowered CPM costs and higher CTRs greatly reduce the average CPC for the advertiser over what PPC yields.

What if we could take the performance of PPC campaigns and combine that with the cost of retargeting campaigns?

Now we can.

With Search Retargeting, a user can type keywords of your choosing into a search engine and within a minute or less they begin to be retargeted by your ads……without ever having been to your website.

For example, if you wanted to retarget users who search keyword “steam cleaners”, a user types “steam cleaners” into Google and when they land on a page that shows advertising they will see your retargeting ad for steam cleaners even though they’ve never been to your website.

This new campaign type isn’t available through Google. Our digital media team structures these campaigns within our programmatic media partnerships. We provide the strategy, media plan, execution, tracking, optimization, and reporting. We make these campaigns work for our clients.

We are working with agencies and advertisers to achieve outstanding results by leveraging this new retargeting technology.

Important Note: Since these campaigns are focused on keywords, we are providing exclusivity to keyword selections. We won’t let two advertisers select the same keyword unless they are adding geographic targeting that doesn’t overlap. You should not delay in locking in your keyword selections. To do so, contact us to create and fund an account, and then activate a campaign with those keywords. Search Retargeting campaign absolute budget minimums are $1,500. High volume keywords are subject to higher budget minimums.

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