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Social media is a great place to post advertisements. Most businesses are able to reach their target audience through social media. Four popular media platforms are Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These four are the most used for social ads because there is so much user information readily available. The use of social ads is one of the best ways to grow your business. Though, there are other tools to help this process. In this article, we are going to go over some additional tools to help you create great social ads. The tools that we are going to talk about are websites other than the social platforms mentioned above. The following social ad tools will help increase your website and ad traffic.

Social Ad Tools

Influencer Marketing

When most people come across social ads, they typically skip them automatically. It can be difficult to get users to watch social ads. One great and effective way to fix that is through influencer marketing.

Influencers are social media users with a very large following. These large followings are loyal to the influencer. Using popular influencers in social ads will help make your users pay attention to the advertisements. This is because of the influencer presence. Users are going to want to watch and hear about what these influencers have to say, and they are likely to follow in their footsteps after seeing the advertisement.

One important point to keep in mind before using influencer marketing is finding the correct influencer for your brand. Obviously you want a popular influencer. Though it is important that the influencer you use is relevant to your brand. For example, you would not use Kylie Jenner to promote something mainly for men, like men’s clothing. You would rather use a popular male influencer. is the next important social ad tool. It is a URL shortening tool. It is meant to condense your links. comes in handy mostly for visual appeal. When you are creating a social ad, you don’t want to have lengthy URLs on your advertisement. That makes it confusing for the user to read, and they are not likely to remember those extremely lengthy and messy URLs.

Another great tool that offers is click tracking. Click tracking allows you to use valuable data regarding what content on your website is driving traffic. This will tell you which content is the best, and which has not drawn much traffic. You are then able to avoid the media choices that did not attract many users. This will help you create better social ads in the future.

Content-Scheduling Apps

There are a few different types of content-scheduling apps out there. One example is Buffer, an app that will give you a lot of power over your social ads. It can be very helpful to schedule social advertisements before hand. When scheduling, use a lot of detail and be very particular. What platform are you using, what time are you posting, what is your ad going to look like, what will it say, etc. This process saves you time and allows you to see and know your post before hand.


Canva is another very useful tool. This tool can help you create images for your social ads. The images that Canva helps you make are web-optimized as well. Top websites, like Buzzfeed, utilize this tool for articles and social ads. It is easy-to-use and much cheaper than graphic-design websites.


This final tool is one of the more popular social ad tools that you could use. Hootsuite allows you to post the same social ad on multiple platforms at one time. So, if you want to post the same update or advertisement on all platforms at the same time, Hootsuite will help you do that. This saves a lot of time and guarantees that each platform will contain the exact same post.


The tools listed in this article could be of great help if you are looking into utilizing social ads. Though, these are just a few of many tools that can help make your social ads the best they can be.

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