Social Ads 101



Social media advertising is vital if you are looking to reach a new, targeted audience. Advertising on social media is a quick and direct way to reach a new audience. In this blog post, we will be discussing some important elements of social ads.

Where To Place Your Ads

When choosing where to place your ads, it is helpful to know what social platforms hold most of your target audience. Where is your target audience most engaged and concentrated? For example, if you are looking to connect to teenagers, post your social ads to TikTok or Instagram. But, if you are looking to connect to more middle-aged users, it would be smarter to post on Facebook. When posting your ads, it is important to think of your target audience. Choose a platform and an ad style that will appeal to your audience.

Types Of Ads

There are a few different common types of social ads. In this blog post, we are only going to talk about the two main types of social ads, which are video and photo ads.

Video Ads

Video ads can range from short loops to longer videos ranging from five to 30 minutes. These ads can be posted on any different social media platform. There are so many different elements that come with video ads, and it is important to know and understand the benefits that come with them.

It is known that video ads have the potential to catch the attention of your users better than just photos or written content. Shorter videos tend to have a higher completion rate, often catching more users than longer videos. If you have a compelling message, you can post a longer video. If you are going for a longer video, try to catch your users attention from the very beginning.

Photo Ads

Photo only advertisements have the potential to drive traffic to new users over other types of social ads. If you are planning to post a photo ad, take the time to ensure your photo is eye-catching. There are a few different applications that you can use to create eye-catching photos for your advertisements. A popular and very useful photo editing application is Colorcinch.

Colorcinch consists of many different tools that can help you make your photo ad engaging. You can add filters, change the brightness and coloring of your photo, or you can add drawings, shapes, or text. These tools can help you create the best photo ad possible. For example, if you are creating a photo ad and you need to add additional information about your company onto the photo, you can utilize the text overlay feature.


Besides understanding the difference between photo and video ads, and knowing where to post your ads, there is so much more to know about social ads. Social advertisements have the potential to drive new traffic to your webpage. If you are looking to use social ads to boost your brand, check out our website to read more of our blog posts.

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