Social Ads

Social Media has become a huge part of the lives of many people, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, or any other of the dozens of networks that are out there. Savvy businesses are recognizing that they can tap into very specific target audiences within these networks.

We help you leverage social advertising as part of a content marketing strategy to drive your prospects into your sales funnel. These prospects, much like Sponsored Content prospects, need to be nurtured in a different way, and it requires a strategy to drive qualified leads or sales from the introduction to the conversion.

Our expertise is such that we drive engagement and not simply advertise. We are able to build audience data that can be used for retargeting or marketing automation sequences. We leverage user interest and behavior data from social ads to scale up our most qualified converting users.

If your business hasn’t taken the leap into a more complete content marketing experience using social ads, make sure to contact our team today.