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Social advertising is one of the best forms of digital marketing. It is cost-efficient and easy. Through social ads, you are given an opportunity to connect directly with your buyers, increasing your credibility and loyalty. In this blog post, we are going to go over some final main points regarding social ads.

What Is It?

Social advertising refers to the creation and publication of links to reach your target audience. In simpler terms, it is the process of posting clickable advertisements on your social media platforms. Companies use social ads for so many different reasons, like building brand awareness, increasing sales, driving webpage engagement, etc.

Social advertising is great with driving engagement. Because of the great amount of social media users on each platform, you are sure to drive engagement to your site with the links that you are posting. This is especially true if you are syndicating your content, which refers to posting the same links on multiple different platforms. This will ensure that you are reaching different demographics.

For example, if you post something to Instagram, you will likely reach teenagers. But, if you post the same thing to Facebook as well, you are increasing the demographic that you are reaching.

Different platforms hold different audiences. So, if you are looking to reach new buyers, posting on multiple platforms is extremely important. There are so many different social platforms right now, and there are constantly new ones being made. The following are some of the most common platforms used in social advertising:


Facebook is popular in social advertising because it holds the largest user base, which is over 2 billion users. Most of the Facebook audience are middle-aged users. This is helpful when wanting to reach multiple different demographics.


LinkedIn is the most popular career and professional networking site. It is a platform where you can post sponsored content, and more professional advertisements. If you are looking to market yourself and find a career through it, LinkedIn is the platform for you.


Instagram is another very popular platform. It is a highly visual app with over 800 million monthly users. If  you are looking to post more photo and video advertisements, or even stories ads, this app is for you. Over 60% of Instagram users follow at least one brand through this application. Instagram is an amazing place to market.


Pinterest is a platform that is not spoken on as much when it comes to social advertising. Yet, this app does hold a lot of potential. It does have a mostly female user base, which could be helpful for target audience purposes. On this app, you can post photo and video ads.

Creating A Social Ad

When creating a social ad, you want to think of something that will grab the attention of your users. When scrolling through social media, there is a lot of potential to miss something. You want to ensure that you are making your social ads visible. Don’t make them too flashy and out there. But, keep in mind that users scroll quickly. It is so easy to skip something on accident.

Include important information on the ad as well. If you are posting a photo ad, include a few sentences or key points to the ad. This wording can help catch your user’s attention. Think of it like a “For Sale” sign. Make your words large and important.


There is a lot that goes into social ads. It is important that you know what your goals are and who you want to reach. What is you demographic? If you want to learn more about social ads, check out our website where we post a new blog Monday-Friday.

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