Type Of Video Marketing That Your Business Should Try



Video marketing is a marketing strategy that uses engaging video in campaigns. It is a simple concept that has great potential to boost your business! Videos are interesting and attention-grabbing. But, there are many different types of marketing videos that you can choose from. And it is important that you understand each type, so you can choose the right one for your campaign. In this post, we are going to go over a few different types of marketing videos, so you can figure out which type of video marketing your business should try!

Types Of Video Marketing

Non-Brand Focused

When we talk about content marketing in general, we focus on the fact that your content is not directly about your brand. It is more important to focus on what your brand or product can do for your customers. Good content is focused on information that can entertain or inform your audience. And that information is connected to the product or service that your brand offers. For example, if you are selling a vitamin or health supplement, a good video would be a story about someone who used that health supplement, and the amazing changes it made for them. Emphasize the real value of your product or service rather than focusing only on your brand.

A type of non-brand focused video is a branded informational or entertainment video. This type of video is not brand focused, but includes very subtle branding, along with entertaining or informational content. An informational video focuses more on conveying valuable knowledge. An entertainment-based video will focus more on grabbing your viewers attention and entertaining them in either a funny, thrilling, or heart-wrenching way. Either one you choose, there should be subtle mentioning of your brand.


Advertising or promotion videos are more traditional video promotions. They draw attention to your product or service. They also focus on highlighting the benefits of your brand versus competitors. The most common type of advertising video is the product promotion marketing video. You can find this type of marketing video on broadcast television. Product promotions focus on the key benefits of your product or service.

Similarly, you could also try out an infomercial, which are also on broadcast television. Infomercials are an attribute of late-night cable channels. They are long-form commercials highlighting the features of a specific product. This type of marketing video is also usually over-the-top. The presenter is typically very loud and over-hyped over the product.

Next, we have user-generated videos. These are common for popular products. Brands will encourage their audience to create their own video for the product. They then offer prizes for the best video made. This is referred to as crowd-sourcing, which is a great way to draw attention to your brand through social platforms.

Customer Videos

Customer videos refer to capturing the voice of your customers. This includes customer testimonials and success stories. Any video that directly shows and explains a real customer’s experience and review for your product. This could also include un-boxing or “haul videos”, which are very popular over social media. Many influencers create these types of videos when they partner with a brand.

Company Marketing Videos

Opposite of customer videos, company marketing videos focus directly on the business side of things. This type of marketing video used to be the most common and popular type of marketing video. Though, some examples of this type of video are just not very popular or effective anymore.

For example, company overview videos used to be a very common and effective way to catch a viewer’s attention. You could probably recognize a video like this through the first line being something like “We pride ourselves on”, or “Since 1989..”. The length of a video like this only consists of the company talking about themselves, which is just not entertaining or attention-catching anymore.

Another type of company marketing video is a behind-the-scenes video. The best time to use this type of video is when your company is doing something exciting, like launching something new. These videos are authentic. A great way to film a video like this is in vlog form, which is actually another type of company marketing video.

Vlogs have consistently become more popular, and are now used as a type of video marketing strategy. They are entertaining and authentic, and will make your audience feel closer to your brand. Vlogs are raw and real.

What Is NOT A Type Of Video Marketing?

Now that we talked about different types of marketing videos and the usefulness behind them, we should cover the common misconceptions. There are a few very common marketing campaign strategy details that are thought of as types of marketing videos.

First, delivery channels like YouTube, Snapchat, and Television. These are platforms where your videos can be seen by your customers. These are not types of marketing videos, though they are important to your video marketing strategy.

Similarly, you can email these videos to a list of your customers. This is another way of distribution for your content. Though, an “email video” is not a type of marketing video. It is just another way that your customers can see the video.

It is important to know that your marketing video has the potential to go viral. Though, a viral video is not a type of marketing video. It is just a great outcome.

And finally, a “content marketing video” is not a type of marketing video. Content marketing simply refers to the advertising and promotion technique that you are using to increase brand awareness.


Whatever the brand, one of these types of marketing videos can work for you. It is a great idea to learn about your audience, and see what type of video would work best for your brand specifically. The best way to know what type of video you should use is to do the research. Learn and understand your target audience. Determine where they are most likely to see the video. Know what interests them and what doesn’t

No matter what, knowing the different types of marketing videos will help improve your campaign. We hope to have helped your knowledge of video marketing.

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