Types Of Social Ads



Social Ads are very useful to build your business. There are so many social media platforms available, and any of them can be used for social ads. But, all social platforms consist of different types of social ads. In this post, we are going to go through the different types of social ads that you can come across on all different social platforms.

Video and Sponsored Ads

The first two types of social ads are video and sponsored ads. We are grouping these two together because you can find them on every social platform. First, video ads.

You can find video ads anywhere. Video ads are useful because they catch the attention of your audience. If a user is scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, and they only see photos, they are likely to scroll past immediately. Although, if you use a video ad, you are more likely to catch the attention of that user.

Next is sponsored or promoted advertisements. These ads are also found on almost all social platforms. Promoted and sponsored content blends into social media feeds seamlessly. Many users may not even notice that many of the ads they see on their social pages are sponsored content. Most commonly, you will see sponsored or promoted ads on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Social Platforms

There are many more types of social ads that you can find among social platforms. In this section of the post, we are going to go through each platform and talk about the types of advertisements you may find.


Besides video ads, on Facebook you are likely to see “Canvas ads”. A canvas ad is an interactive ad that will ask the viewer to participate throughout. Facebook has revealed that the average amount of time a user views these ads is about 30 seconds. That is a long time for viewing an optional advertisement on your social media.


It is common to see shoppable ads while scrolling through Instagram. Shoppable ads are links that will take you to the company’s website. It is smart to use this type of social ad on Instagram. This is because users will see the photos of what the company offers, and they are able to browse through a few items right on their Instagram feed.

Another common type of ad that you will see a lot on Instagram are story ads. Users can watch stories whenever they want to. Ads are found in between Instagram stories. Because you go through these stories at your own pace, you can skip the advertisements. Instagram story ads can be extremely useful to catch the attention of users.


YouTube ads are probably the most effective social ads. A lot of these advertisements are impossible to skip. They are called bumper ads, and these are great for increasing brand awareness. Though, they may not be the best ads to increase purchases. Some bumper ads are only about six seconds before the viewer is able to skip them. Others are longer, and unable to be skipped.


Social ads are great to increase purchase rates and brand awareness. There are many more different types of social ads that you may come across on certain platforms. When you are scrolling through social media, be sure to look for these different types of social ads. There is a lot to learn and notice about the advertisements on social media.

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