Video Marketing

So you’ve put together a great video about your business. You want to leverage the power of YouTube and Social Media to start driving more prospects to your offer. There are a variety of tactics that can be deployed to achieve your objective of driving leads and sales.

Our expert team of video marketers has a proprietary process for achieving YouTube and search engine rank with videos, as well as circulating them in the super-critical ecosystem of related videos. We are experienced with using Social Media to attract engagement with our videos and driving direct action to our client’s offers.

Between organic and paid options we can develop strategies to target and bring in your buyer audience to your videos. We use a variety of distribution models to put your video where it needs to be and we place it in the right spot of the funnel for maximum effect.

Our unique video player enhances your video display with call-to-action features that drive user action right from the video. We can time the appearance of optins, buy buttons, sign-ups, and redirects based on specific points in the video, and review metrics to see how we can enhance performance. No longer are you dependent solely on users knowing what to type in after a video view; we make it as easy as a click to engage.

Additionally, we can drive retargeting off of select video segments, and customize campaigns based on viewer behavior. We can leverage the audience data to enhance every other advertising channel to increase their performance as well.

If you want to see how our video marketing team can launch your next video project, contact us today.