Video Production

As video becomes an overwhelmingly favorite form of engagement for users on the web, we have focused on leveraging our capabilities to show our clients how to use video to drive more leads and sales.

YouTube has become the #2 search engine on the web, and if your business is not leveraging it you are missing out on far too many prospects and opportunities. Additionally, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are pushing into the video space and driving more response in real-time.

Our video strategies involve distinct call-to-actions and are designed to drive users to action. We start with scripting and storyboarding and work completely through production and post-production with our team. Our Video Marketing team also provides input into strategy and development to make sure we have a complete campaign planned for the videos we produce.

We also offer proprietary integrated video players to turn your videos into lead magnets on your website or other video-distributed sites. Our video player can add timed-insert optins, forms, buy buttons, redirects or daisy chain other marketing assets into the video funnel, driving engagement right off of the video at critical moments. We can use our player to gather audience data for use in Programmatic or Retargeting campaigns, based on specific parts of the video they watched.

If you have wondered how video can be leveraged by your business, you should contact us and talk to our team about a strategy to produce videos that create leads and sales.