Video Strategy

Surprisingly we meet with many prospective clients who have never thought of incorporating a video marketing program into their digital marketing mix, let alone how they would produce it. The fact is that video sites, primarily YouTube, are some of the most-visited websites on the Internet, and more than half the traffic on the web is related to video.

YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, and if you aren’t leveraging video then you are missing out on a lot of organic traffic. If you would rather not miss out on this world of buyers, then you need a video strategy to navigate these waters.

A video strategy is designed to put together a set of goals and expectations for video, and develop a plan to create the assets and how they will be deployed. The strategy also defines the video marketing program that should be in place once the videos are produced and deployed. Finally, the strategy outlines how effectiveness and progress will be measured and tracked.

Our team will implement all aspects of the strategy, from development to deployment to marketing to analytics. We also perform ongoing optimization and evaluation of the video program so that adjustments can be made. We will integrate the audience generated by these videos into your other digital marketing programs.

If you want to put together a strategy to see how our vision of video for your business will accelerate your growth, contact us today.