What Are The Benefits Of Using Video Marketing?


The use of video has become a popular and growing marketing tool. There is no doubt that video is going to continue to become more useful in the marketing world. Video content is becoming more attractive to social media users, and it is shared between one another in an easy fashion.

Video has the potential to be engaging for the viewer. Though, stitching together a few clips won’t make your video worth it. If you take the time and effort to create a captivating video, it could do a lot for your business. The following are a few benefits that come from video marketing.

Reaching Customers

The majority of consumers today spend a lot of their time watching video. Around 78% of all individuals watch videos online once a week, and YouTube is up to getting over 4 billion views per day. Looking at those statistics, we know that using video will quickly attract a lot of attention from modern day consumers as well as social media users.

There are a few different ways you can utilize the use of video for your business. You can create promos, web series, funny videos, advertisements, etc. When posting these videos on social media platforms, the best way to catch the attention of your viewers is through posting a snippet that they will scroll to. When scrolling on social media, it is common for users to scroll past photos without a second look. Many users, however, become more intrigued when the content is video. It is more fun for them to watch, only if the video is not too long. Keep those things in mind when creating your first few videos for your business.

Video Sharing

Social media users share videos quickly and frequently. Whether it be through social media or directly sending it to a few friends, videos are constantly being passed around and seen by many different people. When you use video marketing, you can feel confident that your video is being seen by many different people. You are able to keep up with the shares on each video as well. This will help you keep up with creating and producing the best videos to help your business.

Another way that you can easily keep up with your progress through video sharing are the comments. When videos are shared on social media platforms, there is a live comment section that you can read. Keeping up with that comment section will help you know, in real time, what people think of your video. This is just another simple way to track your video marketing progress.

One last part of video sharing is the potential for your video to go viral. When so many people share, like, and comment on a video, it begins to go viral. Viral videos are great for businesses and increasing engagement because of the amount of exposure you can receive from them. Viral videos are seen by a large number of different people.

There are some viral videos that have a few million views or likes. There is also the potential to use elements or characters from a common viral video in your video. With that possibility, there does not have to be any similarities between your brand and the concept from the viral video. Though, using an element from a viral video can help the relevancy of your video increase. That is something that can make your video go viral.

Multiple Content Choices

One of the last benefits we are going to talk about in this article is the variety of choice you have when using video marketing. There are a few different things that video can do to increase engagement or sales in your business. You can use video to entertain your consumers, in hopes that they will always remember the video and remember your brand. You can use video to educate your consumers on your product or something related to your specific product. Whatever your specific goal is for your video, you want to make sure that you consumers remember your video.


There are many different things that you can do with video marketing. It is a growing tool in the marketing business, and it is only going to continue to become more popular.

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