What Is An SEO Manager?



SEO, or search engine optimization, is a must for any company that wants to be noticed and engaged with. Therefore, an SEO manager has a list of skills that are highly regarded in the industry. There are many experts who can create content and marketing strategies. But, without well done SEO, those efforts are completely wasted. In this blog post, we are going to talk about what it takes to be an SEO manager, as well as what an SEO manager does.

What Does An SEO Manager Do?

It is often thought that the role of an SEO manager is not any different from that of a marketing manager. Although, that is just at first glance. Both of those roles have the same goal of driving awareness and sales. Though, they are very different positions.

An SEO manager has a more technology driven role, which makes it a more specialized job. There is a lot more that goes into being an SEO manager compared to a marketing manager.

The following tasks are typical for the job of an SEO manager:

  • Website/social media/content optimization
  • Building and maintaining an online community
  • SEO strategy
  • Market analysis
  • Managing website content
  • Campaign organization and planning
  • Negotiating backlinks
  • Website monitoring and user analysis
  • General digital marketing and project management
  • Keyword research

Required Skills and Education For SEO Management

To become an SEO manager, it is not only important that you have business and marketing training, but you should also have training in some form of computer science. This position is a very results driven role. The following are skills or roles that you must fulfill as an SEO manager:

  • Provide evidence that you have successfully increased a company’s position in search rankings
  • Offer content creation ideas and planning based on analysis and data.
  • Understand the analytical tools used in the industry
  • Demonstrate project management experience
  • Show improved rankings for multiple businesses
  • Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business, Marketing, or Finance.
  • Have an understanding of coding languages such as HTML or JavaScript.

Often times, not all of the above will apply for every job opportunity. Although, those skills and requirements pose as a great baseline in order to be prepared for any SEO management job opportunity.

What To Expect In An SEO Management Job

If you are looking to become an SEO manager, it is important to know what you should expect throughout the job. Though, SEO is always evolving and the requirements for certain positions change often. Because of this, it is difficult to know what exactly to expect. Like many jobs and positions, you are able to imagine what you may need to expect.

Your world will revolve around webpages and all of the words that will drive people to click a link. You must have extensive knowledge on keywords, and be willing to complete keyword research for much of your day at times. Some positions will require an assessment of the webpage, and may also involve analysis to identify the best places to make some changes.

You will have to create lists of projects to take on, and there are some common tasks that you will have to do much of the time. Some of those tactics are creating new blogs, new content, and new online communities.

The tactics and what you must expect when entering an SEO management job may continue to change as new things are required for certain company’s.


SEO management is a results driven role. It is important that you have knowledge of business, marketing, computer science, and sometimes even finance. There is a lot that comes with a role like this. Though, it is very possible to be prepared. SEO management is an awesome role to have in a digital marketing company.

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