What Is Branded Content Marketing?



Advertisements across social media platforms continues to increase. That has caused most social media users to put their blinders on towards ads. So, companies need to find other ways to reach and connect with their users. This is where branded content marketing becomes important.

What Is Branded Content Marketing?

Branded content is a way to combat the problem with “ad-blindness”. It is a marketing technique that involves creating content, and directly linking to a brand. So, consumers then make a connection with it. Branded content is focused on more than just a brand’s products, but it shows a brand’s values.

The point of branded content marketing is to generate conversation about the brand. It goes deeper than a simple advertisement in order to better reach a user. And, it focuses more on appealing to consumer’s emotions and entertaining them. Although this marketing technique is slightly new, it is an amazing strategy.

But, there is some confusion around it still. It is important to note that branded content is different from content marketing, because content marketing is the broader subject and strategy. Though, branded content is a strategy that falls under content marketing. For example, if you use branded content, you would be carrying out a content marketing strategy.

Finally, it is also important to know that branded content is not the same as product placement. Product placement is passive, and appears very clearly in a photo, video, or written piece. Branded content uses storytelling to talk about the values and details of a brand to relate to the user. Product placement is the clear and very fast appearance of products or services, like an advertisement.

Advantages of Branded Content Marketing

There are many good things about branded content. These advantages are awesome reasons to utilize this marketing strategy.

Not Invasive

Conventional advertisements disrupt and generally are rejected by users. This refers to traditional digital advertisement banners and ad pop-ups. These advertisement styles hinder the social media experience. But, branded content will seek a user’s attention and attract them naturally, rather than bother them and get in the way of their scrolling.

Generates Connection

As mentioned above, good branded content tells a story that will intrigue the reader and connect them to a brand. This will hopefully make the user remember the brand.

Sharable Content

Branded content has a great potential to go viral due to sharing among many people. It is posted in a sharable format. Because the goal is to connect to users by exciting or relating to them, there is then the chance that the user will share that content. If it continues, the branded content has the potential to go viral!

Branded Content Marketing Generates Engagement

Branded content seeks responses from users. Because it is deeper than a normal digital advertisement, there is a higher chance for engagement from social media users.


Branded content has the potential to grow your brand. It is a better and more efficient strategy than typical digital ads. There are many advantages to this content marketing strategy. It could be the thing that grows your brand and takes you to the top. We hope to have helped you understand branded content marketing. To learn more about content marketing in general, check out our website.

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