What is Think with Google?

How can Think with Google Help my Marketing Strategy?

Our team is all about using every resource available to assist us in strategy design – while there’s always some level of fine-tuning a project will go through, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel with each new campaign. We’ve found some great guidance on Think with Google, an online resource of data-driven information created by our friends at Google. They take information from digital search metrics to create compelling and actionable articles that can help digital marketers enhance their strategies with proven, timely suggestions.

Thanks widely to Google Analytics being the standard website data collection tool, they have access to the most current and accurate data from how big brands are creating more engaging mobile experiences, to in-the-moment online shopping trends. And because Google has a vested interested in helping marketers use their platforms more efficiently, they take large industry concepts and break them into digestible articles and actionable tips for small and medium sized businesses.

Here are five ways Think with Google can be used to enhance your digital marketing campaigns:

1. Make Sense of Data

Google takes the facts and figures they collect and gives you suggestions for not only how to make sense of them, but how to use them to your advantage.  For example, take this statistic:

67% of mobile users will switch to another site or app if takes too many steps to purchase or get desired information. (source)

Once you’ve learned why an efficient mobile user journey is important, how do you create one? Think with Google doesn’t just give you facts and figures, they expand on telling you what to implement for more success.  The article above explains the importance of a great mobile experience, then lists three ways to achieve one, which include eliminating steps, anticipating needs, and having a fast page load time.


2.  Trend Awareness

Learn how trends change by the year or season. This year (2016), Back to School searches happened more frequently and earlier than ever on mobile.

In July, three out of five back-to-school searches were performed on a mobile device, and there were 35% more mobile searches than last year. (source)

That means if you’re promoting a Back to School sale, special, or product, it better be online earlier than previous years, and your web properties need to be optimized for the mobile user.


3. Emerging Best Practices

The notion that the online shopping kills all brick and mortar business isn’t necessarily true. Many people check online to see if a nearby store is carrying what they want.

Eighty-two percent of shoppers say they consult their phones on purchases they’re about to make in a store. (source)

That means if someone is looking online for a product, and can search inventory and see that it’s in a nearby store, they may go to the store to purchase it for the instant gratification. Online product information, and feedback like positive customer reviews, encourage the sale.  In this way, an online store can play a role in the sales of a brick-and-mortar store.


4. Peek Behind the Curtain of Real Digital Campaigns

Learn how companies like Dunkin’ Donuts, Swarovski Crystal and Best Buy created digital campaigns that lead to a direct boost in sales. For example,

[Best Buy’s mobile buying guides featured] a store pickup link to give customers the option to buy online and pick up in-store. Early experiments showed this increased clicks to Best Buy’s website by 44%.(source)

By using real data to determine how customers are using their site and making those functions easier, companies created happy customers and more sales.


5. Learn What Works, Put it into Action

If you’ve been on the fence about implementing a channel into your marketing strategy, you may find compelling information to give you the final nudge. Take this statistic:

Of smartphone users, 91% turn to their devices for ideas while completing a task. (source)

That means if your customers would benefit from getting instructions for how to do something, you can create a blog post, Youtube video, or guide that gives an explanation. Don’t just promote a product, show them how to use it. And make sure it’s optimized for mobile.

Think with Google offers timely digestible articles with helpful suggestions that can lead to greater success in your digital marketing campaigns. Check it out here.

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