What Is Video Email Marketing?



Video email marketing is simply combining two effective digital marketing strategies. Adding video to your email marketing campaigns can greatly effect your engagement. Often times, receiving a number of emails in a day will get overwhelming. They will start to blend together for the recipient. But, adding video to some of these emails will make them stand out.

Adding video to your email campaigns can improve your open-rate by at least 6% if you do it correctly. In the rest of this post, we will be going over how to use video in your email marketing campaigns.

How To Use Video Email Marketing

The easiest and most common way to include a video in your emails is to include a static image. This image will look like a video, but it is not. So, when the viewer clicks on it, they will be brought to a landing page where the video will then play. Remember that your videos must be short. Not many people are going to watch a video that is longer than two minutes.

Finally, it is also important to mention the presence of a video in the subject line of your email. This way you users will open the email and pay more attention to it, rather than letting it blend in with all of the other emails that they receive in a day.

Why Use Video Email Marketing?

You may be wondering, why should I combine these two marketing strategies? Both of them are powerful in separate ways, so why don’t we just keep them like that?

Well, there are a lot of different instances when combining the two strategies could be very beneficial to your business. If you are able to combine two very effective strategies, why wouldn’t you? So, here are some great times to use video email marketing:

Tease Updates

If you are sending out an email to your customers about an update in your business, this could be a great time to include a video. For example, you run a clothing company and your new fall line is dropping soon. Include a teaser video in your email. This will give your users a sneak peak to all of the new clothing items that you will have in your store soon. It will attract a lot of excitement from your users, and they will look forward to your new line. Without a video, you may not get the same response because the email would not be as exciting and inclusive.

Introduce Team

Introducing the members of your company’s team sounds like a waste of time. But, there are a lot of customers that love being included and having the knowledge of who works for specific companies. Including a fun and entertaining video such as this in your emails will, once again, drive higher engagement from your audience. It will entertain them, and make them feel included in your behind the scenes team.

Product Tutorials

Including a tutorial in your email campaigns is a great thing to do when you drop a new product. This is more of an informational video for your audience, but it will still drive engagement. It can be very helpful to your users in order to answer any questions they may have. A video like this can help so many of your customers, and it will increase your credibility.


As you know, both email and video marketing have their own benefits and reasons as to how they are such effective strategies. So, putting them together could only make each one more powerful. Video email marketing is a strategy that you should try for your company. 4r5

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