What We’re Reading – July 2016

Once a month our team brings you our favorite digital marketing articles.

Here’s what we’re reading in July.

Diana, our Business Development Manager recommends:

How to Talk to Pretty Much Anyone About Pretty Much Anything

A big part of my job is talking to people – online and off. I appreciated the specific suggestions in this article about asking unconventional questions and drawing other people into the conversation. My favorite idea was the “Improv-ise” one – rather than simply answering questions with “Yes”, add to it with “Yes, and…” to keep the conversation going.


Nick, our Digital Marketing Account Manager recommends:

It’s Official: Content Marketing Rules the Universe

A few years ago, it seemed as if organizations were producing content solely to promote on social media. Posts were created without a strategy. This article really exemplifies how much content marketing has evolved in the last few years, and how imperative it is to a strong digital marketing strategy.


Jaime, our Content Marketing Coordinator recommends:

How to Write with Power and Authority, Even if You Feel Like a Nobody

Adding value doesn’t always mean adding words. And in copywriting, getting to the point in as few words as possible is often the goal. I loved how this article emphasizes that our words  – and many times, our words alone – should inform, inspire, motivate, or emotionally affect the reader enough to drive them to action.


Casey, our Digital Campaign Manager recommends:

9 Basic Principles of Responsive Web Design

This article pairs concise, well-written explanations with simplistic graphics to help anyone easily understand the differences between “responsive” and “adaptive” web design, and why they matter. In 2016, mobile responsiveness is a huge factor in the overall ranking of websites, so it’s crucial to know how to talk to a developer, what to ask for, and why it will help your site.


Sam, our Project Manager recommends:

6 Tips for Project Managing Creatives in the Digital Industry

Project management is more than looking at scopes of work and delivering projects on time and on budget. While those things are important, I feel that I’m most valuable when I help our creatives and campaign managers stay on task without overwhelming them. This article is a great snapshot of how best to direct a project and keep your production team happy and healthy.