What We’re Reading – October

Once a month our team brings you our favorite digital marketing articles.

Here’s what we’re reading in October.

Jaime, our Content Marketing Coordinator recommends:

Six Essentials for Good Storytelling—and Great Content Marketing

Great content inspires connection. Customers will spend money, energy or time on something they believe will help them. I love the notion that “Empathy enables you to create content that motivates customers to take action.” We don’t often associate empathy with marketing, but at it’s core, storytelling invokes connection, and the connection is the content.


Lovella, our Graphic Designer recommends:

8 Insider Secrets for Creating Photos That Sell

I work in both graphic design and photography, but I am first and foremost an artist.  But if I intend to sell my photos or graphics, it’s important to remember that the end product isn’t always about what I like. It’s about what the customer wants.


Nick, our Digital Marketing Account Manager recommends:

How to Have a Super Productive Weekend: 12 Helpful Tips

I love HubSpot’s blog for great industry-related content, and more generally informative posts like this one, which help when I’m outside of the office. If you’re like me (someone who needs to be doing something at all times to feel productive), this post really puts things into perspective. It’s a reminder that it’s healthy to just take it easy sometimes.


Sam, our Project Manager recommends:

5 Communication Mistakes to Avoid with Your Team

As a project manager, I’m always working on my interpersonal communication skills. This was a great article to help me see where I might be miscommunicating or under-communicating with our team to keep them in the know. A team that understands the state of their projects and the nature of their organization is a happy, productive team!


Diana, our Business Development Manager recommends:

Most Small Business are Discovered Online First

I’m constantly writing about ecommerce and online selling for publications. While researching why customers choose to shop local (or not), I found this survey. One stat struck me – the fact that online research is the primary way that Internet users discover small businesses. To summarize – The secret to persuading more people to shop local is to communicate the benefits of doing so, through a robust online presence.


Casey, our Digital Campaign Manager recommends:

Does Finding That Micro-moment Feel like Chasing Fireflies?
I’m studying micro-moments and how to best target them to benefit our clients. Micro-moments emphasize having relevant, high-quality content that solves problems for people who are in-market at that very minute, such as researching a product on a smartphone. Capturing these moments means responding to their queries with the information they need to make a decision or solve a problem. Some interesting data points: 33% of Mobile users will switch to a competitor if they provide more helpful information. 43% of users will ignore companies that provide irrelevant content.