What We’re Reading – September 2016

Once a month our team brings you our favorite digital marketing articles.

Here’s what we’re reading in September.

Nick, our  Digital Marketing Account Manager recommends:

7 Adwords Features You Didn’t Know Existed

There’s no doubt that Google’s product users of all levels of tech-savvy take a while to fully acclimate to using AdWords. I almost always find blog posts like these helpful because not only do they educate you about the functionality of the product, but they can help put ideas in your head that could end up being beneficial to a client’s campaign somewhere down the line.


Sam, our Project Manager recommends:

The Ultimate List of Time Management Tips for Digital Marketers

Working in digital marketing is a great way flex your time management muscles. With all the applications we use, how frequently they are updated (read – changing completely) and juggling communications with clients and team members, we need to squeeze every minute out of every day.

This article has some awesome time management hacks that are applicable to anyone, but it’s especially geared towards those who work in digital marketing. When I find an article with both tried-and-true methods (Pomodoros, anyone?) mixed in with new-to-me techniques it makes me feel the writer understands our needs, so I’m more likely to try the new recommendations.


Jaime, our Content Marketing Coordinator recommends:

Basic Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid on Your Landing Page

Being a successful copywriter is much different than being a great writer. Learning how the habits of readers, the psychology of advertising, and web page design work together to inspire action, continue to be some of the most personally interesting aspects of digital marketing. This article concisely lists the most essential and least effective (stop using those!) pieces of copy to include on a landing page that actually converts – no matter what you’re selling.


Casey, our Digital Campaign Manager recommends:

Getting to the bottom of Google expanded text ad CTR and CPC

There’s been a lot of talk and wild claims about the new expanded texts ads feature for advertisers. Some say this new format will double or triple CTR. Although it’s possible to see that much lift, we must remember the fundamentals of successful PPC ads. They need to be written well, relevant to the user, contain researched keywords, and bid for visibility. The change is nice, but If you forget the fundamentals, you’ll still miss the mark.


Diana, our Business Development Manager recommends:

Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey All Use the 5-Hour Rule

I have an enormously talented team, and we offer a wide range of complex services. If I don’t commit time to study and learning, I can’t keep up with them. Not studying is a disservice to my team and prospective clients, and also robs me of something I very much enjoy – trying to wrap my brain around new things. Devoting 5 hours a week to learning is a reasonable minimal goal.


John, our Project Management Intern recommends:

Three Ways to Unlearn Old Habits Faster

I made the leap from journalism to digital marketing and found this article chock full of good advice on how to accomplish my goals by eliminating some of my old work habits and creating new ones. What I found to be most helpful in this article was the author’s advice to “feel the fear,” meaning in order to excel, you need to make yourself a bit uncomfortable.