Why Use Video Marketing?



Video marketing is a popular and growing marketing tool. It simply uses video to promote and market your brand. A strong marketing campaign will incorporate video in order to engage your audience. The use of video is likely to get more attention from your audience. This is among many other benefits that come with video marketing. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the importance of video marketing, and why you should use it to promote your brand. Here are three of the most important reasons why you should start using video marketing.

Why Use Video Marketing?

It is important to know that video marketing is worth it. It has the potential to boost your engagement and increase sales. Video is one of the most versatile digital marketing tools, while being profitable as well. The following are some more reasons why you should look into using video marketing in your campaign.

1. Increases Conversions

In a study conducted by HubSpot, they were able to increase product conversions by 80% just by adding a video to their landing page. Video marketing is used to help your potential customers trust your brand. Video will increase their understanding of your product or service.

When a customer visits your website, and they are greeted by an overload of text and photos on your landing page, they are going to skim that content. It will all blend together, especially being that text and photos are extremely common for a landing page.

Adding a video to that page will help your customer to understand what your brand is about quickly and easily. This will build their trust with your brand and increase the chances that they will come back.

2. Builds Trust

As mentioned above, video marketing builds trust. A testimonial is something that many companies use to gain the trust of their customers. Though, these no longer stand out, as so many brands use them on their website. And, it is so easy for companies to fake testimonials. But, it would be pretty hard to fake a video.

A video testimonial is a great addition to your company’s website. It will stand out amongst the rest of the content, and it could give you an advantage over your competitors. Your customers will know that your video is real, and it will allow them to hear directly from another customer just like them.

Video testimonials will help to gain the trust of your customers. They are more convincing than a few written lines about how amazing your product is.

3. ROI

The return on investment that you get from your video will greatly depend on the quality of your videos. You may think of video as being expensive and difficult to create. But, with the amount of new technology we are given, it is easy to create a great video on a budget. There are also multiple software solutions that are available for download that will help you create a great video for cheap.

Ensuring that you are spending less money on your videos will help you reach a positive return on your investment. When talking about ROI, it is also important to remember the effectiveness of video. Don’t forget the other great benefits that come with video marketing.


Video marketing is an effective and important part of any digital marketing campaign. There are multiple benefits and reasons that video should be a part of your company’s website and social media accounts, and these are only some of them.

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